words; labyrinths of connectivity.
how else?
feeling the dance towards transcendence
to have but not to hold.
to hold but not have.
je y’suis j y’reste

Right now…

I can’t distinguish the individual flavors or marrow that exists around me…instead I am swallowing it whole, no time to savor.

yes, I think that being weird made me smart.

Thanks to S, I stumbled upon this: The title was “This is your brain on Kafka: Does absurdist literature make you smarter”. Naturally I couldn’t click on the link fast enough. I was happy to discover that according to this argument, absurdist literature does touch into the deeper realm of understanding. In the string study the people who experienced the crazier version of Franz Kafka’s “The Country Doctor” where better able to re-pattern the string. This takes me back to my argument that through the common experience of art, lies understanding. Alas, hope.