“The eldest of the girls, Frances, known as Fanny, was according to Peggy, “an incurable soprano.” She wore feather boas and a rose in her hair and was an excellent cook, but nevertheless was given to constantly wiping household surfaces with Lysol. The family story had it that after quarreling with her for thirty years, her husband tried to kill her and one of their sons with a golf club, failed, and threw himself in a reservoir with weights on his feet. Another aunt, Adelaide, was enormously fat and late in life deluded herself into thinking that she was having an adulterous affair with a druggist named Balch; though her family tried to convince her that Balch did not exist, she remained so guilty and remorseful that they eventually put her in a nursing home. A third daughter Florette, was Peggy’s mother.”


I absolutely love wine, it is such an interesting idea when you really think about it. (I’m always surprised about how other people aren’t mesmerized and amazed by everyday things the way I am.) But anyways, I really like what Ray Isle, executive wine editor at Food & Wine, said in his feature for New York Mag’s, “Grub Street Diet”, (my favorite weekend read). Anyways, this is what he said about a lunch time tasting:
“The wines were spectacular. Various vintages, the oldest a 1967. No matter how long I work in the wine business, I still get a kick tasting wines that old. ’67 was the same year the Stones released “Ruby Tuesday.” People were protesting the Vietnam war. And here’s this bottle of fermented grape juice that’s transformed over the four decades since then into something ethereal and extraordinary. I’m biased — I love wine — but I do think that’s sort of mind-blowing.”


when a true genius appears in the world you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.
– Johnathan Swift
“Thoughts on various subjects, moral and diverting”


It was sunny today, so warm and pretty, the tulips and daffodils will soon be in flower. I was walking downtown talking to him, then when I put down my phone, a woman said to me “your a girl who obviously just fell in love.” I realized that I’ve been falling in love for 5 and a half years. I don’t usually dedicate my blogs to such personal fizz, but love and happiness are the only matter that fills my thoughts. I came to Van to find inspiration and to “be an artist” and instead I’ve fallen deeper in love. La vie en rose.


It came to pass that one did not fit into my head, unless said company was some sort of expert on history and creation. Then again, they had too big of heads to fit into their own head. I knew at once that I had to flee to the streets.

Seriously, I could read this stuff all day everyday.

No matter how Debbie Downer I feel…I always feel so completely inspired and uplifted every time I read a physics article or watch some Universe Discovery Show. It’s strange though, my beloved NYMag brings us the heading “You Became Even More Insignificant Today”, which was about how there are 3 times more stars in the universe then originally thought, which then came with many depressing comments about how small and pointless we are (http://nymag.com/daily/intel/2010/12/you_became_even_more_insignifi.html). I actually don’t understand this frame of mind at all, as instantly as I saw the title I clicked to the Discover Magazine article and read (http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/80beats/2010/12/01/the-estimated-number-of-stars-in-the-universe-just-tripled/). I can’t for the life of me understand how this couldn’t be uplifting. I find myself humorously wondering if they offer artist residencies at observatories. I know it sounds stupid but they seriously should.