“All the gossip and craziness becomes a kind of sustained narrative which, in turn, can become history. It’s scary.”
Barbara Kruger

“The material world is an illusion. It doesn’t matter if they’re there or not. The world is in my head.”
Rashid Cole

“Science has not yet told us whether madness may not be the sublime form of intelligence”
Edgar Allan Poe

“I bear in my hands the disguise by which I conceal my life. A web of meaningless events, I dye it with the magic of my point of view.”
Michel Leiris

3 thoughts on “quotes

  1. “This kind of retroactive displacement of “real” even ts into fiction (dreaming) appears to act as a “compromise,” an act of ideological conformism, only if we hold to the naive ideological opposition between “hard reality” and the “world of dreaming”. As soon as we take into account that it is precisely and only in dreams that we encounter the real of our desire, the whole accent radically shifts: our common everyday reality, the reality of the social universe in which we assume our usual roles of kind-hearted, decent people, turns out to be an illusion that rests on certain “repression” on overlooking the real of our desire.”

    Slavoj Žižek: Looking Awry: An Introduction to Jaques Lacan Through Popular Culture, 1991.

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