new media art

When you think about it, almost everything that is produced now, is made through a process that is not physical. A movie, a photograph, a chair, a toy, these objects are no long convinced nor processed by the skilled craftsman, instead they are thought up designed on and delivered mind-to-machine to our figurative playground. When we look at art history the pieces artists of each era that are highlighted, are most often chosen for it’s depiction of the times. From studying these pieces of art, we learn about advancements, values, achievements, thoughts, and everyday life at the time. We choose to study these particular artworks to understand society at the time. I feel that although media artists are currently taking the backseat in the current highlights of present day modern art, they are displaying an indicative picture of the way we now process. When I say process I’m encompassing the manner in which ideas, communication, and research is conducted.

3 thoughts on “new media art

  1. I think it’s depressing that out current view of history is almost purely based on what the people felt was important at the time. What they wanted us to remember, and not what they wanted us to forget. We know who conquered who and that history as we know it to be is based on the victors beliefs and perceptions. But what about the the defeated and the fallen? How many gaps are there in our knowledge? What could the untold stores be? Could this missing knowledge change the everything? So many “what ifs” but still, too many “what ifs”, still I wonder.

    1. I think that’s another great advantage that we have today, at this moment millions of people are able to give their “take” on what’s happening around us, we have millions of sources that are able to drop information instantaneously into the public. I feel like artists and writers today have a great liberty in that we have so much opportunity to publish and share at the drop of a hat, things are still far from perfect, but I like the idea of the internet, we can share and grow thoughts from an infinite pool of stories, information, and opinions.

      1. The idea of history being portrayed in the same sense as the past due to the technological revolution of the planet is something that is to be questioned. While the concept of victory and the victor’s truth is tied tightly to the past, how will this change as we move past cultural conflicts and become a global network culture? The opportunity for a plethora of view points and personal perspectives is already supplanting the old ways and is leading us into an age of mass understanding of confusion. Once we understand our confusion we can move forward to find clarity.

        Media artist are getting their due, it’s just that we don’t have the distance from the date to see it in relation to the past. The weight/aura of events are nothing yet…. just like collectable playing cards or something of the like…. wait I choose to say “like wine and cheese.”

        Have to love a good set of wine and cheese.

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