all or nothing; the exception

The rule that everything is a narrative, is a narrative truth in itself. ie: a completely debatable opinion. The point being, is that some things are absolutes, or are seemingly absolute because they are based upon an undeniable fact free of logic. When this is the case, there are no words, no debate, nothing, you’ll know it when you feel it, because everything surrounding it is darkness. Call it blindness, free of illusion. It’s still out there.

One thought on “all or nothing; the exception

  1. It sounds like you are entering the territory occupied by science and by faith. How DO we know anything? The scientific method allows for testing and retesting of physical reality and completely avoids the area of ‘feeling.’ Faith, whether religion or intuition, covers the rest, and it is this that is the tough nut to crack because we know that perception is altered by brain chemistry and so it is hard to even trust our own perceptions. The perceptions of others, even when presented as authoritive, are always a little more suspect.

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